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Equality and Diversity

The principles of equality and diversity are inherent in our Values. They are part of the culture of our firm and are fundamental to our success.


We treat everyone with respect: this means listening, seeking to understand, and respecting differences.

We always seek to behave fairly and decently: this means being open minded and unprejudiced.

We are committed to generosity of spirit: this includes creating for others opportunities for development and advancement and supporting them in taking those opportunities.

We act with integrity: this means behaving ethically, upholding the law and the values of our profession.

We believe that the diversity of our firm is a reflection of our policies in action. We are committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion.

We believe that diversity and inclusiveness provide us with a wide pool of knowledge and skills, which are relevant to the business community we serve.

We know that the talents required to provide excellent client service are not defined by sex, race, disability, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics unrelated to legal service capability, indeed that in many respects our Firm is enriched by them.