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Our Values

These values are the foundations on which Laytons is built. We commit:

  • To our clients: to understanding their needs and adding value; to building close, long-term relationships; to delivering results that they need; we put them first - we are more than a business, we are a profession.
  • To each other:we work supportively and unselfishly together; we have respect and faith in ourselves and each other; we are open and fair; we are non-hierarchical and value individual contribution; we allow space to develop.
  • To being effective advisers: to providing positive, practical advice with imagination, flair and insight.
  • To moving forward: to being positive, innovative and opportunistic, seeking opportunities and showing initiative consistently with our core objectives and values.
  • To ourselves: to integrity, being true to ourselves, our principles and our profession; to challenging ourselves to deliver the best.
  • To high quality: to achieving the highest standards in all that we do.
  • To generosity of spirit.