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Employment - Contractual Issues

We have wide experience of contractual documentation and issues, including Contracts of Employment and Director’s Service Agreements. We regularly undertake health checks on documentation to ensure it complies with statute, current case-law and relevant guidelines, keeping them current, effective and relevant.  Examples of such documentation includes contracts, handbooks, policy documentation, disciplinary and grievance procedures, engagement letters, bonus and other incentive schemes.

Recent instructions include:

• Advising a National Housebuilder on a breach by a former of employee of their post-termination obligations including breach of restrictive covenants and confidential information.

• Advising on the enforceability of restrictive covenants and drafting post termination restraints for an international security company.

• Drafting “self-employed” contracts for subcontractors for a courier company.

• Drafting staff handbooks tailored to individual client requirements, including a firm of architects and a chain of privately owned restaurants.