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Employment - Employment Procedures

We regularly advise on a wide range of employment procedures, including:

• probationary monitoring and review

• capability, relating to poor performance

• capability relating to long-term sickness absence or persistent short-term sickness absence

• dismissal, including conduct dismissals, and redundancy dismissals falling both inside and outside the collective consultation requirements

• transfer of undertakings

• maternity leave and pay

• paternity leave

• parental leave

• flexible working

Recent instructions include:

• Advising on the closure of a business and negotiations with a Trade Union over a disputed collective agreement, avoiding any tribunal claims.

• Advising on long-term sickness absence and reasonable adjustments under the Disability Discrimination Act.

• Advising on a capability/performance issue where the employee achieved the required performance and is now progressing well in the role. This included guidance on  correspondence, timetable for improvement and devising a performance improvement plan.

• Advising a National Insurance Company on the closure of one of its sites. This included advice on collective consultation, drafting “at risk” letters to employees, preparing a timetable for individual and collective consultation, considering alternative employment at the employer’s other sites and notice of redundancy.

We offer the provision and review of tailored documentation and training where required to empower our clients' HR team/Management to manage HR issues effectively.