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Early Stage Investment Newsletter. - Summer 2010

Welcome to the Spring edition of Laytons' Early Stage
Investment newsletter. With so much uncertainty
surrounding businesses, the articles in this newsletter
hope to provide certainty around some current issues
affecting early stage companies, investors and VCs...


Early Stage Investment Newsletter. - Autumn 2009

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Laytons' Early Stage
Investment Newsletter. Recent figures from the Bank
of England, suggesting that the UK economy is returning
to a position of growth, have lifted the spirits of many a
UK business owner/investor although at what speed any
recovery might come is still uncertain...


Corporate and Commercial Newsletter - Autumn 2009

Welcome to the Autumn 2009 Laytons Corporate
and Commercial  newsletter. Of particular topical
interest are the  articles regarding Social Networking,
Plain English in Contract s  and various Companies
Act 2006 updates (including on the new  changes
to  Memorandum and Articles)...


Risk and Opportunity Newsletter - Summer 2009

“If you make one heap of all your winnings
and risk it on one turn of pitch and toss”
                  Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling’s famous exhortation to a boy
as to how to be a man contains a significant
omission: nowhere does it contain any
suggestion that the boy should carry
out an analysis of either the risk or the

Early Stage Investment Newsletter - Spring 09

The current economic climate means that,
at these uncertain times, early stage
companies are relying on angel and
VC investment. With a depressed
employment market and the availability
of bank funding limited, there are some
great opportunities for early stage