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IP, Technology & Media Newsletters

Technology Newsletter - Summer 2010

Welcome to the latest edition of our Technology newletter which aims to deal with a selection of current issues in the field of high tech and intellectual property and provoke further duscussion and enquiry. We have articles on recent developments in the field of disclosure of electronically stored information: known for short as 'electronic disclosure' and also we look at the latest on the topic of 'ad words'.

Technology Newsletter - Summer 2009

Laytons' intellectual property team has produced a new edition of the Technology newsletter containing a number of articles which might be of interest. In particular editor Richard Harrison has provided some thoughts on how to avoid legal disputes and save costs (his next piece will be targeted at turkeys, discussing how to vote for Christmas).

Early Stage Investment Newsletter - Spring 09

The current economic climate means that, at these uncertain times, early stage companies are relying on angel and VC investment. With a depressed
employment market and the availability of bank funding limited, there are some great opportunities for early stage investors...