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Dispute Resolution and Legal Claims

Client Relations and How We Work

Client relations are the bedrock of our practice. We cannot achieve your aims without understanding you, so effective communication is always at the forefront of our approach.  Our dealings with clients are characterised by personal partner-led service.  We are approachable and available.  You will find us unstuffy, plain speaking and plain dealing.  We communicate with our clients in everyday English, not legal jargon.

More Than Legal Technicians

We are creative problem solvers, not processors of litigation.  You can take our legal expertise for granted.  But crucially, to solve your problems, we bring to bear a package of common sense, business acumen and original thinking, as well as technical excellence.

Practice Areas

As dedicated business lawyers, we advise across all industry types. We have already built particularly close ties with housing development, electronics, manufacturing, banking /finance, IT and retail sectors.  We tackle disputes with vigour, original thinking and a sound knowledge of law and procedure grounded in the realities of business. Our aim is to protect your business and your reputation with minimum fuss and expense.  When court proceedings are planned, our lawyers work closely with colleagues to ensure that up-to-date expertise is applied to each case.  Laytons' support ranges from the pursuit of outstanding trade debts through to heavyweight High Court cases.  For large scale situations a project team is assembled under the control of a team leader.  Emphasis is on case strategy and project management. 

Key information

The Key information link on the right-hand side of the page will take you to a document which provides useful information on what being involved in the litigation process currently entails. It is up to date following the recent enactment of the reforms recommended by Lord Justice Jackson and provides a focal point for the decision making which is often required. We usually send this to clients with the general retainer agreement documents but we include it here for general interest. If you have any comments, please contact Richard Harrison

Early Risk Management

Our new fixed fee service aims to put you in a position to manage and resolve incipient commercial disputes and avoid the pain and expense of litigation.  To learn more, please click on the link below.

Early Risk Management.


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