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Family and Matrimonial

At Laytons we understand that what is important to you is to achieve a swift, practical and workable solution to your family problem. We believe the best forum for this is the Court arena. This does not mean that we needlessly fight cases which should settle, as we positively encourage agreements, but we find that by issuing the necessary proceedings, it saves time, money and duplication of work.

We couple technical excellence with specialist knowledge of business,trusts and pension issues relating to matrimonial finance and are known for being firm, but fair. We guarantee to always put your interests first.

Sensitive to your needs
We want to resolve your dispute with the minimum of disruption, avoiding drawn out disputes by effective, efficient management of your matter. We aim to keep your bill to a minimum without compromising our level of service.

Areas of Expertise
Types of work we typically conduct for clients include:

  • Separation and divorce financial settlements
  • All private children issues
  • Cohabitation advice
  • Domestic violence and protection from abuse
  • Injunctions
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Civil partnerships
  • Child abduction
  • International aspects of separation and divorce



Christine Barker
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