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Land Development

Laytons is one of the UK’s leading advisers to the developers of residential and mixed-use sites.  We represent a range of clients in this sector from the larger quoted and private housebuilding companies, to small developers carrying out only one or two projects at a time, and landowners dealing with developers.  Between us, our team of legal experts has decades of experience which we bring to bear in an integrated approach to resolving the wide range of legal, planning and commercial challenges that impact on developments today.

You require us to apply our commercial insight and our technical legal skills as one seamless unit to deliver advice that is relevant, effective, positive and that adds value to each and every transaction.  We do this by building relationships for the long-term, in knowing our clients and understanding what matters to them and the deal in hand.  We negotiate hard without burning bridges.

We provide a complete range of tailor-made services in relation to the development of land including:

We are associate members of the Home Builders Federation (HBF) and co-sponsors of the Guildford Property Club.  We provide regular publications of information of interest to the land development sector and will provide internal seminars for clients’ staff training.


Neil Bucknell
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