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Plot Sales

Sales are the lifeblood of a house builder.  Speed of response to reservations and problems during the sales process is vital.  The Laytons Plot Sales team work as partners with our clients not just as a service provider.

  • We work closely with sales teams, sharing knowledge and experience as well as providing specific plot sales services
  • We are always aware of clients' needs to maximise sales and cash flow within tight timescales
  • Where innovation is needed, we will liaise with your marketing team to help improve sales and protect your own reputation.
  • We are positive and practical, unifying our various specialist skills and years of experience in the residential development industry to provide effective advice.

Laytons make a difference.

Laytons offers over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in the house building sector.  We understand the challenges and issues faced by house builders and have observed first hand the ways in which the industry is changing.

Key features:

  • Handling an average of around 1,500 sales of new private dwellings per year
  • Sites from a single plot to 500+ units
  • Experienced in dealing with complex mixed use developments
  • Working with clients to implement innovative sales schemes
  • Tailoring our systems and documentation to the needs of our clients
  • Extensive experience of maximising returns from sale of freehold reversions

Our work:

  • Drafting estate sales documentation
  • Designing management and service charge regimes in consultation with sales and technical personnel and external managing agents
  • Dealing with plot sales
  • Acquisition and disposal of part-exchanged properties
  • Bulk sales of units to investors
  • Disposal of ground rents (freehold reversions)
  • Sale and leaseback arrangements for show homes/sales offices
  • Rental guarantee agreements for investor purchasers
  • Advising on and operation of various sales incentive schemes
  • Documenting equity sharing relationships entered into by purchasers
  • Working with the marketing agents and sales teams in preparation of Home Information Packs

Further value added services we offer our clients include:

  • Online plot sales information update systems
  • Weekly written progress reports on plot sales delivered via e-mail or fax
  • Daily telephone and e-mail contact with key personnel


Ian Cook
Tel:  +44 (0) 1483 407004
Fax: +44 (0) 1483 407070