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It will be necessary for you to provide personal data when completing the application form. By registering your application with us you agree that the information contained in your application and CV may be used by Laytons to verify educational background and for any other purpose regarding your application and our recruitment requirements. You consent to us holding, processing and disclosing to third parties, both electronically and manually, the information contained in your application and CV for the following purposes only: Laytons' assessment of your vacation placement application and the administration and management of its employees and prospective employees Communication with you regarding your participation in our vacation placement scheme and/or recruitment Compliance with applicable procedures, laws and regulations to which Laytons is subject. Obtaining confidential feedback from you on the placement and/or recruitment system Process. You are entitled to a copy of certain personal data held by us whether in manual records or on computer on submission of a written request. If your application for a vacation placement is unsuccessful, Laytons may hold your application and the information contained therein for up to 9 months.