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Our Business Immigration practice is an essential service for our international clients who want to locate in the UK, and for businesses based in the UK who want to employ skilled workers from outside the European Union.


The spectrum of immigration law and practice covers the following areas:

  • visitors, business visitors, and sole representatives of overseas firms that have no branch or representative in the UK
  • entrepreneurs who wish to set up a new business or to participate in an existing business in the UK
  • skilled workers with a job offer to fill gaps in the UK labour force, whether intra-company transfers from overseas or the current equivalent of work permits
  • temporary workers who come to the UK to satisfy primarily non- economic objectives, and other categories such as creative and sporting visitors, charity workers, and religious workers
  • switching between different categories and applying for extensions of stay and for settlement
  • investors


Work includes:

  • advising a US specialist metals distribution business on relocating executive-level employees to the UK
  • advising clients in recruitment, technology, automotives, sports marketing and PR on their hiring of overseas skilled workers and on intra-company transfers
  • advising UK-based businesses in design and technology on hiring non-EEA skilled workers



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