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The growth in complexity of occupational pension provisions shows little sign of tailing off.  We are able to provide employers and trustees of work place pension arrangements with specialist advice ensuring they stay on the right side of sometimes impenetrable legislation.

We recognise the importance of corporate pension planning, and we can provide expert advice to address every circumstance. 


Our services include:

  • pension scheme health check
  • compliance audits
  • advising pension scheme trustees/employers
  • drafting, revising and negotiating documentation
  • liaising with regulatory authorities
  • dispute resolution
  • corporate support and advice on pension issues
  • trustee training and updates


Our expertise include:

  • assisting with the day-to-day management of pension schemes by reviewing all relevant documentation, including the scheme Trust Deed and Rules, insurance policies, agreements, notices, booklets and announcements
  • providing timely and understandable advice, and where disputes arise, help to provide a fair and friendly settlement for everyone. On those occasions when matters end up in court or a tribunal, we will be on side to guide you through the process
  • providing pension advice and assistance when companies are being bought and sold and working closely with colleagues in our Corporate and Employment teams to form an integrated approach to commercial deals

As defined benefit schemes grapple with large deficits in their funding arrangements, it becomes more difficult in the unstable financial markets to get a grip on their costs. We can guide Employers and Scheme Trustees through the legislative maze and we will work closely with other scheme advisers such as actuaries, administrators and investment experts to get the scheme back on track. 

We can also provide advice on alternatives to defined benefit schemes such as defined contribution schemes, Group Personal Pensions and the new Personal Accounts regime.


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