We are always looking out for great people to join our team.  We continually seek to develop each of us in our careers, giving opportunity and responsibility, granting recognition and valuing everyone’s contribution.


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The principles of equality and diversity are inherent in our Values. They are part of the culture of our firm and are fundamental to our success.

  • We treat everyone with respect: 
    this means listening, seeking to understand, and respecting differences.
  • We always seek to behave fairly and decently:
    this means being open minded and unprejudiced.
  • We are committed to generosity of spirit:
    this includes creating for others opportunities for development and advancement and supporting them in taking those opportunities.
  • We act with integrity: 
    this means behaving ethically, upholding the law and the values of our profession.
  • We believe that the diversity of our firm is a reflection of our policies in action:
    we are committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion.
  • We believe that diversity and inclusiveness provide us with a wide pool of knowledge and skills:
    these are relevant to the business community we serve.
  • We know that the talents required to provide excellent client service are not defined by sex, race, disability, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics unrelated to legal service capability:
    indeed, in many respects our firm is enriched by them.


Our approach to this reflects our values, particularly those of commitment, respect and generosity of spirit.

Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) is thus an intrinsic part of our approach and has been for many years; our formal programme is increasing in significance, presently including several elements, such as:

  • pro-bono work - a number of lawyers provide free or heavily discounted advice to a number of charities
  • switching to recycled paper for all literature, brochures and internal printing
  • using energy-efficient lighting and appliances in each office
  • recycling waste paper, glass and cans, print cartridges, etc.

Local initiatives are also encouraged and these include:

  • fundraising through charity events
  • mentoring students in local secondary schools
  • being number and reading partners in local junior schools
  • involvement with Young Enterprise schemes and judging
  • speaking at career days at local schools and the College of Law


Do you prefer students with a law degree rather than students with other degrees who complete a post-graduate diploma in law?

No. A passion for a career in law is what we're looking for.

Are mature students at a disadvantage?

Far from it. We have in the past taken on "second career" trainees, who have previously worked in commerce or other fields, for example teaching or aircraft engineering. The firm and our clients benefit from having a diversity of fee-earning staff from different backgrounds.

Is academic ability the main criterion Laytons is looking for in the trainee’s application?

Obviously this is very important. We get many applications from candidates with excellent paper qualifications. However, it will often be other factors that will determine to whom we will offer training contracts.

If I did not get the results I was expecting, should I still apply?

If there was a particular reason why you feel your results do not reflect your ability, please tell us. If your academic results are not of a high standard, you will be at a disadvantage compared with many other applicants; however the application form gives you the opportunity to convince us that we should see you!

When can I expect to hear from you in response to my application?

We receive a tremendous volume of applications for vacation placements as well as for training contracts, far out of proportion to the number of vacancies we have. We endeavour always to reply in writing to training contract applications, although it may be some weeks before we have processed all applications and identified candidates for interview. Candidates for interview for training contracts will usually hear from us within four weeks.

How do I apply?

Applications for training contracts and/or the Vacation Placement Scheme should be submitted online by completing the relevant application form. Please note that we do not accept applications by post or email.


Training Contracts & Vacation Schemes

We recruit trainees who we believe will be part of our long-term future.


Training Contracts

We are looking for potential partners, not merely trainees. We believe our selection process is straightforward and fair, and in turn we expect you to be informed.

We have an extremely personalised recruitment process which distinguishes us from other firms in the market.  It starts with you completing and submitting the online application form below. All applications are then reviewed by lawyers and both first and second interviews are conducted by partners, not by HR professionals. We do not operate an automated CV review process: this means that all application forms and CVs are assessed by lawyers within the firm who take into account not just academic results but also breadth of experience, personality and candidate's personal achievements. 

We are currently accepting applications for Training Contracts for London and Manchester.


Vacation Placement Scheme

Each of our offices runs a vacation placement scheme, which enables you to experience life at here and get hands-on experience in our core practice areas.

At the end of your one-week placement, we will spend time with you to review your work and gather your views on your experience. These views are important to us, as they enable us to ensure that our placements meet your expectations.

However, spaces on the vacation placement scheme are extremely limited and we only offer places to individuals who plan to apply for a training contract and/or who meet the standard required to be considered for a first interview.  Since spaces are so few, we recommend that you check availability of places on the scheme at the relevant office, before applying.

Applications for Vacation Placements are currently closed.


"Trainees and junior lawyers are trusted with as much responsibility and client contact as they are comfortable with."

John Skelly | Partner