About Us

Legal services of true quality depend on expertise that fully appreciates the issues, imagination that fully recognises the possibilities, judgment that provides guidance, and the resources and commitment to deliver results.


In particular, we seek to ensure:

  • strong initial analysis of each new matter to set the best strategy for dealing with it

  • that we are both clear on the desired outcomes

  • effective management of matters to ensure appropriate resources are applied

  • clear and unambiguous value pricing

  • regular progress reports

Our Approach

We are aware that a true perception of your needs is fundamental. From that perception can then be found the best solution, whether it be the containment of risk, enforcing rights, maximising opportunity or helping create and maintain value.

We offer you advice that is precise, relevant and workable; advice that provides solutions, not more questions. We believe that mastery of technical issues blended with imagination, flexibility and insight create solutions of real value.
By focusing on your objectives, applying sound legal knowledge and an awareness of commercial realities, and with an approach that is driven by results, innovative thinking and intellectual rigour, we provide a high-quality service when you need it, where you need it.
We work to build long-term relationships. We are “client lawyers” rather than “transaction lawyers” – our focus is on you and what is important to you. We seek to work with you over the long term, as your affairs develop and change, not just for the immediate matter.
Internally our approach is that of a single team; we are mutually supportive and play to each other’s strengths, and are neither selfish nor possessive. Our style is open, non-hierarchical and based on mutual respect.
In all things, our firm is marked by generosity of spirit.

Our Values

  • to our clients to understanding their needs and adding value; to building close, long-term relationships; to delivering results that they need. We put them first - we are more than a business: we are a profession.
  • to each other we work supportively and unselfishly together; we have respect and faith in ourselves and each other; we are open and fair; we are non-hierarchical and value individual contribution; we allow space to develop.
  • to being effective advisers to providing positive, practical advice with imagination, flair and insight.
  • to moving forward to being positive, innovative and opportunistic, seeking opportunities and showing initiative consistently with our core objectives and values.
  • to ourselves to integrity, being true to ourselves, our principles and our profession; to challenging ourselves to deliver the best.