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Corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and disposals of businesses will invariably involve tax issues on which the client will require detailed advice.  The relevant tax issues can be complex, particularly if there are cross-border aspects such as the sale or acquisition of businesses with non‑UK subsidiaries.


It is important for the clients to be advised on how the transaction should be structured and also on the preparation, negotiation and agreement of the relevant documentation, including tax warranties and indemnities.


Our expertise

We have considerable experience in advising on both tax structuring and documentation relevant to the tax issues.  In particular we advise on:

  • pre-transaction structuring and clearances; and
  • preparation of tax warranties and indemnities


Our experience

We have advised on the following:

  • the sale of property SPVs, both UK and non‑UK resident
  • VAT issues where companies are being sold or acquired out of or into a VAT group
  • PAYE and NIC issues arising on the exercise of unapproved share options prior to sale



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