Laytons LLP beat Brexit deadline to secure cross border merger

Under pressure from the continual uncertainty of Brexit, Liza Zucconi assisted by Dan Walter obtained an Order from the High Court on the 24 October to secure a cross border merger for the UK company, El Pato Limited, a client of Paddy Kelly, to become a German GmbH. 

Laytons LLP beat Brexit deadline to secure cross border merger.jpg

As the 31 October Brexit deadline loomed, the Court’s technical interpretation of EU Law under the Companies (Cross Border Merger) Regulations 2007, had to be interpreted very strictly due to time constraints in getting the Order accepted in Germany and registered at Companies House in time, before the Regulations were revoked. 

Laytons was instructed by German notary Prof. Dr. Hubertus Welsch, notary at BMT Lawyers in Berlin, who secured the Order in Germany within four days of the UK hearing being heard. 

This has been a huge achievement by all, and meant that Laytons nearly beat Brexit only to be beaten by another extension, which came as no huge surprise but a great relief to the International team led by Liza.