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We can advise on the Competition Law aspects of:


  • Claims — we are experienced in bringing and defending civil claims based on Competition Law. We can advise you on the impact of Article 101 of the European Union, which prohibits certain agreements which prevent, restrict or distort competition, and Article 102, which prevents abuse of a dominant position within the common market or in a substantial part of it. We can advise you on the equivalent domestic legislation in Chapters I and II of the Competition Act 1998
  • Complaints and investigations — we can assist in advising on and preparing documentation to make a complaint to, or respond to, an investigation by the UK Competition Authorities or the European Commission (DG Competition) or other national competition regulatory authorities
  • Cartels — we can advise on all aspects, including as to “whistle-blowing”, national and international investigations, and claims by those adversely affected by cartels
  • Commercial agreements — we can draft and negotiate your commercial agreements, such as agency and distribution contracts, so as to avoid infringing national and international competition law
  • Mergers and acquisitions

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