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The communications industry never sits still: it can’t afford to, since channels of communication are always evolving. Once the aim was press coverage; now it is content-generation, shaping social media, selling a story and finding fresh channels of influence.


All this has created new skills and a new kind of offering in the market… and with that comes the need for advisers who understand the landscape.

We take on a wide range of work for the communications industry. Just a few of the things we handle include:

  • drafting and advising on contracts
  • crisis and reputation management
  • navigating data protection and IP issues
  • advising on regulatory compliance 
  • incentivising staff
  • buying and selling agencies
  • acting as an external in-house adviser on legal and commercial matters – we like to think that, with our communications experience, we can come up with answers to most questions!

We advise communications businesses of all sizes, from those just starting up to those with a firm global footprint. We deal with all types of business, too, from boutiques involved in politics to agencies helping sell consumer goods, through to digital and tech specialists who are changing the marketplace. 


Our lawyers’ experience includes the following:

  • acting for a listed communications group in its acquisition of many digital, online publishing, market research and other entities
  • helping an owner-managed business negotiate the legal steps involved in creating a pastiche of a well-known song for promotional purposes
  • supporting an agency in a crisis-management situation in which one of its clients was being investigated by the FCA
  • helping many businesses ensure adequate training for their staff in the use of social media and copyrighted material



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