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An ever growing dynamic and competitive industry requires fast, informed, commercially driven legal advice. We use our skill and experience to protect as well as to exploit in commercial negotiation, corporate finance and protecting and exploiting IP to enable our clients to deliver innovative and engaging content, experiences and services.


We offer practical commercial guidance and support our clients whether they be university up and coming spin-outs or established publishers. Our clients range from AAA multi-national publishers to small independent developers.  


We have particular expertise in:

  • creating model contracts for AAA publishers to use as the standard terms for the digital distribution of their interactive content
  • software development agreements and licensing agreements
  • service and distribution agreements
  • publishing agreements
  • metadata supply agreements
  • standard terms and conditions of supply and sale to businesses and consumers
  • advising on compliance with data protection laws
  • protection of IP, including confidential information, brands, know-how and patents
  • resolving infringement issues, and copyright and image rights disputes
  • corporate finance, investment and shareholder agreements
  • incentivising founders, staff and suppliers
  • tax structuring and advice.


Our experience  

  • creating new model contracts to help a household name’s interactive entertainment business spin out and launch an online B2B hub for the distribution of games and their keys to major e-tailers such as Amazon and Micromedia. The contracts unveiled a business model that was entirely new to market; we created them to a tight deadline and continue to negotiate and conclude them, and we now represent the business as it grows, including through rounds of venture capital
  • drafting upstream and downstream contracts for the manufacturing, supply and distribution of point-of-sale displays for leading titles such as FIFA 16 and The Sims, including negotiating limitations on liability, delivery deadlines and liquidated damages
  • advising an innovative on-line “pay to play” business, including how to secure ownership of its IP, initial set up in the UK, advising it on regulatory issues, and providing it with a full suite of documents for launch including online terms and conditions and privacy policies
  • acting for a production company in negotiating intellectual property right licences with content providers, animation artists, voiceover artists, musicians and customers, including advice on jurisdictional issues and varying the scope of licences
  • advising one of the world’s leading consumer brands on placing its products in computer game
  • securing computer game rights to films
  • negotiating recording contracts, voiceover agreements and use of celebrity names and image rights



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