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There have been many changes to consumer law in recent years, with the rules becoming more numerous and stringent, as well as modernised to reflect the fact that sales to consumers include digital content and services as well as physical products.  Through the emergence of "Big Data" and the widespread collection of personal information through smartphone apps, privacy issues are also coming under increasing scrutiny.


Compliance with the current rules is important to ensure that your customer contracts are enforceable, to avoid regulatory investigation and penalties, to build up loyalty and trust in your brand, and to protect your reputation.  

Our expert team can help you address the compliance, customer relations and commercial issues associated with selling to consumers.

Our expertise

We work with a wide range of clients that sell to consumers, be it physical products, bespoke services or digital content. We prepare consumer contracts such as terms of sale and privacy and cookies policies, and advise on:

  • distance-selling rules
  • data protection/privacy law
  • transparency requirements
  • direct marketing
  • consumer credit

Our experience

We have prepared customer terms and advised on consumer law issues for a variety of businesses, including those selling:

  • furniture
  • handmade bicycles
  • online publications
  • activity holidays 
  • hotels and restaurants
  • toys and games 
  • musical instruments 
  • luxury goods
  • tracking devices 
  • medical devices
  • pawnbroking services 
  • safe-deposit-box services 
  • estate agent services
  • international medical and emergency response team services



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