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Design right is commonly used alongside copyright: both seek to protect creative work. Our experience of working with technology and media companies has given us a comprehensive understanding of copyright and design law and the interconnected commercial issues, including how they fit into a client’s wider intellectual property strategy.


Our expertise

Our copyright and design services include:

  • creating an intellectual property plan including securing protection and ownership
  • arranging EU and UK design registrations
  • intellectual property licensing
  • business intellectual property audit
  • management and transfer of intellectual property ownership
  • defending infringement of copyright and design rights


Our experience:

  • advising an international technology client in a case involving complications arising after its acquisition of software assets, pursuing a US competitor who had engaged our client’s ex-consultant and reproduced and adapted our client’s software, defending cross-copyright and database infringement allegations, preparing relevant commercial IP agreements which secures our client’s ultimate commercial objectives, and working closely with US attorneys
  • advising clients from a wide range of industries on the protection available for their products, including in relation to software, technology, furniture and consumer products
  • assisting clients to put in place systems policies to safeguard ownership and development records
  • arranging design registrations in the UK and EU for clients in a broad range of sectors
  • successfully defending design rights infringement allegations in relation to flooring products



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