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Whether scanning for vital signs or monitoring health issues, whether by ultrasound, magnetic resonance or other means, whether in the operating theatre, diagnostic clinic or remotely, whether producing prosthetics or medical product labelling – devices, software and equipment produced by our clients cover the spectrum of medical need.


We are proud to advise such clients and be part of an industry that is world-leading, at the cutting edge of technology and producing such advances for human benefit. We have continued to advise clients from their start through to becoming global listed companies.

We support our medtech clients across the range of their needs, including:

  • intellectual property protection, acquisition, enforcement, licensing and commercialisation
  • spinning out from universities and technology companies
  • research, collaboration and development contracts
  • licensing
  • strategic alliances
  • supply chain contracts
  • liaison with specialists for regulatory compliance
  • raising investment funds
  • personnel issues
  • dispute resolution
  • laboratory and clean-room leasing

One example of our support is acting for a company that develops foetal development wireless monitoring devices, which was spun out from a leading university and in successive rounds raised equity and debt capital. We subsequently advised on a collaboration and supply agreement with a major US medical device manufacturer, a long-term exclusive distributorship agreement with a US life-science and medical technology company, and licensing/collaboration agreements with two of the “Big 4” medical imaging equipment companies.



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