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We understand that your intellectual property rights, whether in your brand, technology, designs or content, may be your biggest assets.


We also understand the temptation for others to take unfair advantage of your investment in your intellectual property and that, in a competitive market, competitors may look to exploit and profit from gaps in a rival’s intellectual property protection. The more you have invested in developing the success of your brand, products or services, the more you stand to lose if competitors are allowed to devalue it through infringement.

We have extensive experience of protecting some of the world’s best-known brands from attack. Whether reactively when you become aware of infringement, or proactively by assisting you to identify infringing behaviour, we can help you preserve your market position by taking swift and definitive action to protect your intellectual property from infringement.

We are also used to managing the threat of infringement actions made by overzealous rights holders seeking to restrain legitimate competition. We apply equal rigour to challenging speculative threats of infringement made against our clients.

We have particular expertise in:

  • brand protection (trade mark infringement, passing off, domain name disputes and counterfeiting)

  • breach of confidence, and misappropriation of trade secrets

  • copyright and database-right infringement

  • design-rights infringement

  • patent infringement

  • legal issues involved in advertising, promotion and sponsorship

  • disputes arising from agreements to exploit intellectual property rights

  • appeals in trade mark prosecution/cancellation cases, including to the European Courts

We can advise you on implementing an effective enforcement strategy. We can assist you to obtain information and evidence of unlawful conduct. We can then deploy the tools available to protect your intellectual property rights in a manner which accords with your objectives. In appropriate cases, we can obtain injunctions or undertakings to the court, requiring the infringer to modify their behaviour on pain of criminal sanctions such as fines, asset seizures or imprisonment. We can secure awards of damages and costs.



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