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Confidential information, trade secrets and restrictive covenants

Protecting your confidential business information, customers, key personnel and supplier relations is vital to maintain stability, promote growth and protect your business.  We can take quick and decisive action to safeguard your business against action by employees, leavers and competitors intended to take unfair advantage of your investment in these important assets.

We can assist you to investigate suspicions that employees or leavers may be acting against your interests.  We often work in conjunction with forensic IT experts to gather and identify evidence of conduct which may place your business at risk.

We understand there is often a need for discretion in investigations and swift action once evidence of potential harm is discovered.  We regularly act in claims involving court applications for urgent injunctions to prevent or minimise harm.

We act both for employers whose business is threatened and employees facing the threat of claims by their employer.

Employee fraud

We can assist in forensic investigations into employee fraud.  We can assist you in dealings with the relevant authorities.  We are experienced in taking action against errant employees, and others into whose hands your stolen assets may have passed, to secure, trace and recover your assets.

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